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MV Kit Creator is an application that runs on your laptop and enables you to create and edit MV-8000/8800 samples to be used in The Morphing World Sound Engine in 3D applications. Features: Save and Load sounds/samples through a ".." button. Clear the currently loaded sounds/samples to be saved and get rid of the ".." button. Export the currently loaded sounds/samples to WAV, MP3, FLAC and AIF format via the built-in Music Player. Edit the currently loaded sounds/samples (such as MP3, AIF, FLAC and WAV) through the main windows. Merge sounds/samples to a single sound/sample. Add effects to your sample (such as reverb, delay, stereo effect and so on). Reduce duration of the sample. Upload the sample you created to the Morphing World Sound Engine to add that sound to your game. Specify whether a sound is loop or not loop. Add a KARAOKE as a sound. Show the music values for your sample. Show the sound frequencies and names for your sample. Examples of how to use MV Kit Creator: Create a sample file: 1. Create a sample in the audio player. 2. Click on the "..." button to the right. 3. Click on "Save as...". 4. Enter a name for the sample. 5. Click on "Save". Create a sample in the MV Kit Creator app: 1. Open the MV Kit Creator by double clicking it. 2. Create a sample in the main window. 3. Click on the "..." button to the right. 4. Click on "Save as...". 5. Enter a name for the sample. 6. Click on "Save". 7. Click on the "..." button to the right. 8. Click on "Save as..." 9. Enter a name for the sample and select your desired output format (such as WAV, MP3, FLAC or AIF). 10. Click on "Save". Creating and editing samples can be very time consuming.  Instruments are a game creation tool that is dedicated to create, edit and save samples in a 3D environment.  Instruments were created to be a good tool for creating a5204a7ec7

MV Kit Creator is created to be a tool that creates and edits MV-8000/8800 kits (Instruments) and manages your sounds and samples easily and effortlessly. All your samples can be stored in the built-in database. Sample Editor : 1.Using the built-in sample editor you can modify, cut, copy, and paste sample clips and record your own samples. You can convert your custom samples to original sample formats such as, C3, C4, M4 and AVI. 2.Supports all MIDI modes, notes, controllers, velocity and other instruments. 3.Able to load MIDI data from external files. 4.You can play your own samples as virtual instruments. Recording : 1.Recording can be set as a default or it can be a one off. 2.You can record audio using the built-in recorder. Also you can record over the built-in samples. 3.Recording is a one off recording only, so when you start recording and recording data is used until you stop the recording. See more at: Also see at:

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