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Spiritual Guardians

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Our Vision:
To provide opportunities for our military Heros to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. So they recover, reintegrate and become a blessing to others.

Our Mission:
Spiritual Guardians supports prior and post 9/11 recalibrated veterans and their families through spiritual enriching programs that help these heroic men and woman overcome physical obstacles , strengthen their families, provide fun, excitement, and relaxation and the opportunity to straighten the spirit through the gospel. We support these veteran families who have been injured on active duty or as a result of their service to our great nation by all exclusive all expensive paid barrier free retreats where they participate in activities adapted to their needs. Bond with other veterans and families and enjoy the great outdoors.

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Water Events

Boating, jet ski, water skiing, wake boarding, bird watching, sun set cruses, tubing, fishing, dinner at the peer, kayaking canoeing, and much more.

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Fernando (DOC)


I wanted to send a heart filled “Thank You” to Mr. Soto and everyone behind the scenes at Spiritual Guardians for the wonderful day at the lake. My daughter and I feel exceedingly blessed to have the opportunity to enjoy God‘s splendor with other like-minded families.

In a time when so many cower and hide their faith, it’s a real treat to find a veteran outreach organization that proudly proclaimed their relationship with God the Father. It’s equally important to me that the they ensure their events are “sober outdoor activities.”  This is a top priority for me as a Father because it allows me to participate and not just as a single veteran, but as I really am, a father husband and believer.

mMy God continue to shine upon your family and friends as you develop and grow the organization.


Mr. Velez and Family


Jose Gallo


In 2017 my panic and anxiety attacks from my PTSD had taken over me and I could no longer control them. In September I sought help from the VA they prescribed numerous antidepressants and benzos in order to help me deal with these issues. I had started attending church because I felt I needed to do anything and everything possible to defeat these demons. Church helped but I still felt something was missing. In August 2020 Joey Soto reminded me of my passion I had for brazilian jiu jitsu. In the beginning I was nervous and terrified because I had attempted what my therapist had recommended and that was to exercise but the simple rising of my heart rate, sweating or feeling out of breath would trigger panic and anxiety. Joey and spiritual guardian with the aid of Palllaton jiu jitsu opened their doors to me and allowed me to train. In the beginning I was only able to train only  2 minute rounds for 2 rounds and i still felt like this was triggering the panic and anxiety. After training for 6 months I noticed I was able to train longer going for 5 6 minute rounds. The anxiety and panic was becoming more manageable. The nightmares started decreasing I started sleeping better my attitude at work changed I was kind of promoted to train new hires. Many of us have heard the saying jiu jitsu saved my life but what saved mine was God, Spiritual guardians and Pallaton Jiu Jitsu. God has truly saved me by putting these two organizations and individuals in my life. Thank you
GySgt Gallo 
Retired USMC


Brian Lattimer 

Brian Lattimer

My name is Brian Lattimer, and I am a former Army soldier, combat engineer. I highlyrecommend spiritual guardians as I have found the camaraderie and bond that we had withinour unit. Joey who runs spiritual guardians has not only helped me mentally, but also spiritually,without forcing anything. I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to spiritualguardians for being there and never leaving a man behind.


Jason lewis

Jason Lewis 

My name is Jason Lewis and I am 44 year old husband and father of two. I am a member of the Tucson fire Department for 21 years proudly serving my community. I met Joey at the school our kids went to immediately felt a positive bond. Struggling with the many difficulties of life From the fire service Joey and I had heart to heart conversation which led to introducing my family to jujitsu.

Joey told me of his dream to help struggling vets. One year later my son and I got invited by Joey and his son through (Spiritiual Guardians) for a day trip to the lake.  A Navy Veteran (Doc) and his daughter joined the trip of Spiritual Guardians. We all bonded immediately and it was a time I will never forget and something I realized I desperately needed. Thank you Joey and Spiritual Guardians  for the amazing adventure


Lou canales

Lou Canales

My name is Lou Canales. I served active duty In the United States Navy from 1996-2003 as an FC2 (SW). Post service, one of the biggest adjustments for me was getting used to life without the camaraderie and purpose I had while I served onboard my Destroyer USS Thorn DD-988. The military bond disappears as the years go on. I found myself depressed and dying inside and out. Spiritual Guardians helped me reset and start working on myself. From my involvement with Joey and spiritual guardians, I have been reconnected to the veteran community and continue to improve my mental, physical, and spiritual state.

I am a work in progress but can honestly say I am the best version of me, that I have been in in my post service life. I am a better husband, father and person because of the help and dedication I get from Spiritual Guardians. Thank you, Joey!

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